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Addition Cure

FS 20


Introducing FS 20, a 1:1 mix fast setting 20 Shore A addition cure silicone. To understand just how great FS silicones are it’s best to compare it to the Transil 20 which became popular by providing low viscosity with a quick cure time and good tear strength.


Infusion Resins

Biresin CR83 | SikaAxson

Biresin CR83 is a laminating resin used for infusion and injection processing. Especially for applications for which resins with extremely low viscosity are necessary because of the processing temperature or geometry of the components. If you are interested in this product, please call 01284 630028 or email for further information.

Condensation Cure

Tinsil 8030


TinSil 8030 is a 1A:10B mix ratio, tin-cured silicone with a mid-range hardness and a tough, snappy, high-tear cure. Moulds made from TinSil 8030 are often used for casting polyurethane, epoxy and polyester resin, as well as foam, wax, soap, plaster, and more.

Addition Cure

Skin Imitator


Neill's Materials bring you Skin Imitator, a new direct applied silicone system which is softer than alternative products on the market with the same versatility and quality. This 4-component system also comes with both a Flesh Tone and Clear Part-B, allowing for a broader range of effects to be created from one kit.


Adekit A 140 is an epoxy structural adhesive for bonding of car body, bonding metallic structures (racing vehicles, aeronautics), bonding inserts and composite structures. If you are interested in this product, please call 01284 630028 or email for further information.

Fast Cast Resins

Axson F180 | SikaAxson


Axson F180 is an unfilled fast cast polyurethane resin used for negatives, moulds, masters, mock-ups and decorative parts using the unfilled product or filled with RZ 30150 mineral filler in order to avoid an exothermic reaction and to get easy machining.

Filled Fast Cast Resins

Axson F40 | SikaAxson


Axson F40 is filled fast cast polyurethane resin used for tools for foundries as core boxes, foundry patterns, model plates and any type of parts or tools requiring a good abrasion resistance. (1.2kg)

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