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Created by Neill Gorton this lifelike colour system comprises highly concentrated silicone pigments in custom colours that go a very long way. They will save you both time and money and help maintain perfect continuity across colour batches.


Plat Thix


Add Plat Thix to PlatSil® 71, 73 and Gel 10 Series products to create a consistency useful for making brushed moulds or for layering in the case of PlatSil® Gel 10 skins or appliances.


Use PlatSil Deadener LV (Low-Viscosity) to soften, or “deaden”, PlatSil Gels without oil leaching. It is used to simulate the look and feel of skin or human tissue for silicone gel filled appliances and special effects.


First there was Deadener which, when added to Platsil Gel 10, made it softer by degrees. Now Platsil Part H Hardener does exactly what it says on the tin and increases the hardness of Platsil Gel 25 as more is added.


Platsil Retarder


PlatSil Retarder 71 & 73 R can be used with all Platinum based silicone liquid rubbers to slow the cure and yield a longer working time.


Poly Fibre II


Poly Fibre II is a thickening product designed for use with polyurethane plastics and rubbers but that I also use, very successfully, in silicones. Great for creating brush on snap moulds with platinum silicones such as Platsil Gel 10 / 25 and Transil 20.


Sil-Paint is a self levelling, one-component acetoxy-cure silicone rubber which cures at room temperature under the influence of atmospheric moisture. Thin down Sil-Paint with solvent and with addition of silicone pigments, use to paint your silicone appliances.


Silicone Oil


Silicone oil has a variety of uses including; A softener for silicone rubbers. Oil will both the reduce the viscosity of the rubber as well as soften it. Unlike deadener, silicone oil does not cross link with the silicone.


Neill's Materials Silicone Pigments are great for adding colour to silicone products. They are highly concentrated and a drop of pigment goes a long way, making these pigments economical to use.


Smiths Prosthetic Deadener is the original and best for creating super soft gel appliances. By varying the ratio of deadener added to Platsil Gel 10 A&B combined you can vary the softness.


Neill's Materials' Thixo (Thixotropic Catalyst) is a specially formulated thixotroping agent, for use with Tinsil and Supersil Silicone Mould Making Rubbers.


Tin Thix


Tin Thix is a liquid thickener designed for mixing into condensation cure liquid rubbers to create a creamy, thixotropic consistency for turning pourable rubbers into brushable systems. Varying levels can be added to create a light gel up to a thicker silicone rubber paste.


Use TinSil Fast Cat in place of any TinSil Part A in order to accelerate cure and shorten demold time. Often used for reducing time needed between coats when TinSil rubbers are used to make brush-on blanket molds.