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A quality mixing spatula, great for mixing alginate - ideal for dental laboratories, but also any other mixing applications. It has a smooth wooden handle and a tough stainless steel blade which is slim and curved making it easy to mix alginate quickly and thoroughly.


Herculite 2


Herculite 2 is a popular general purpose mould making and casting plaster, and is a good plaster for casting positives from lifecasts.

Addition Cure



Key Form is a 1:1 mix, addition cure silicone specially formulated for lifecasting and to release from hair. Available in two speeds settings, Standard and Slow.


Neill's Materials FX Lifecasting Alginate (500gm) offers a smooth, lump free consistency, range of setting speeds, good tear strength, and unlike other Alginate it can be bonded to itself. Available in a 3-5 minute, and 7-9 minute setting speed versions


Modroc is an economy plaster bandage used for creating a rigid outer shell when life casting and body casting. Also useful for general mould making.


A flexible plastic mixing bowl, ideal for mixing plaster. Easy to clean when plaster is wet and plaster can be simply cracked out when hard. 25cm (10 inch) diameter.




Separator is most commonly used when floating appliances off of a life cast. Sometimes referred to as liquid tin foil and a similar product to the brand Alcote. Brush on to a plaster cast and dry before applying plastiline clay.


Small handy to use surform for more intricate work. Great for use within Lifecasting applications.