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Prosthetic Adhesives & Removers

Myristate (IPM)


Isopropyl Myristate (IPM) is a polar emollient. In make up IPM is often used as a remover for prosthetic adhesives and Alcohol activated colours.

Prosthetic Adhesives & Removers

Neill’s Remover Plus


Neill's Remover Plus is as easy and smooth on the skin as the original Neill’s Remover but with greater potency. Neill’s Remover Plus is better at shifting stubborn prosthetics such as bondo transfers and PAX Paints.

Prosthetic Adhesives & Removers

Pro-Key Acrylic Adhesive


Pro-Key adhesive is a new water-soluble acrylic adhesive. Whether used for applying prosthetic pieces, making PAX paints, thickening for edge filling or to make your own Bondo appliances, Pro-Key adhesive gives you all the familiar qualities you know and love from your existing acrylic adhesives.

Prosthetic Adhesives & Removers

Sil-Key Silicone Adhesive


Sil-Key is a high strength, high solids and pressure-sensitive silicone adhesive suspended in an extremely safe cosmetic grade solvent. All components are sourced from leading manufacturers ensuring a high quality, superbly reliable product that will be sticking around for a very long time.

Prosthetic Adhesives & Removers

Sil-Key Thinners


The high solids content of the Sil-Key Silicone Adhesive means thinners are recommended for use to maintain fluidity and extend the working life, so this same solvent is also available as Sil-Key Thinners.