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PTM ™ allows you to create the highest quality Prosthetic Transfers. PTM ™ was developed to provide artists like yourself with a convenient alternative to self-mixed materials so that you can spend valuable time on the things you love instead of countless hours mixing.


PTM ™ allows you to create the highest quality prosthetic transfers. Need a hoard of zombies before dawn? Our Zombie tone can help with that, as it may be the closest thing to actual rotten flesh as you’re going to want or need. With minimal makeup needed and an application process as quick as Prosthetic Transfers, you can have zombies running in no time.


Tattoo and PTM Transfer Paper 2-part water slide paper with corresponding acetate film. Each sheet is 21cm x 29.7cm (A4) and can be printed straight through your LaserJet printer to create realistic fake tattoos in minutes.