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Sculpting Tools & Stamps

10 piece Starter Sculpting Tool Set


An economy tool set that are a great introduction to the world of sculpture.

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Sculpting Tools & Stamps

Brass Sculpture Tools

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Double Sided Brass Sculpture Tools. Selections include Blade Rake, Pore Tool, Bass String and more. Limited availability. When they're gone, they're gone! DON'T MISS OUT. View the description at the bottom of this page for Tool numbers (shown in image).

Sculpting Tools & Stamps

Effektstudion Texture Roller


Texture Roller by Effektstudion are used by professional make-up fx sculptors world wide for doing quick and simple skin texture in plasteline and clay. We now have 8 wheels with different textures in our line up. Handle and Wheel sold together.

Sculpting Tools & Stamps

Monster Makers Texture Stamp Kit #1


Monster Makers original set of stamps consisting of 12 different skin textures ranging from heavy to fine. Create realistic textures by pressing these onto the surface of the clay during final detailing. Made of durable urethane. Long lasting and easy to clean.