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Release Agents

EJECT-IT 33 Petrolease


Petrolease is fantastic for releasing Super Baldiez from any kind of mould. It’s the principle release I use for getting Super Baldiez encapsulated Platsil Gel appliances out of all my moulds. It’s basically vaseline / petroleum jelly in a spray can.

Release Agents

J-Wax Liquid


J-Wax liquid is a blend of waxes dispersed in solvent that is used as a release agent for a number of materials. Used extensively as a release aid for flexible, semi-rigid and rigid Polyurethanes it will also release fiberglass form fiberglass and silicone from silicone.

Release Agents

J-Wax Spray


J-Wax Spray is a wax based release agent. Primarily used as a release when moulding fibreglass off of clay sculptures or to separate polyester resin from polyester resin.

Release Agents

Ultra 4 Epoxy Parfilm


Ultra 4 Epoxy Parfilm Mould Release Epoxy Parfilm is recommended for epoxy resins. Its highly effective, micro-thin, film-forming application offers a better release than polyvinyl alcohol or wax.