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Ad-Wipe are individually wrapped wipes for the removal of prosthetic adhesive residue - very hygienic and great for travelling. They are safe, cheap and easy to use and come in convenient packs of 20 wipes, making them perfect for your kit or set bag.


When working with platinum/addition cure silicones it is important not to wear latex gloves as the sulphur residue can inhibit the cure of the silicone. Vinyl and nitrile gloves are better to use and these nitrile gloves are the most flexible, fitting and tactile I’ve found. (Box of 100)

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Disposable paper suits (coverall) with elasticated hood, full-length front zip and elasticated ankles and waist. Available in sizes S, M, L and XL.


Laminating Brushes


Disposable laminating brushes available in boxes of 12. Available in 4 sizes.


Mixing Cups 550ml


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Mixing Sticks


Disposable Mixing Sticks (Wooden Tongue Depressor) in box of 100.


Disposable plastic handle laminating brushes available in boxes of 12. Available in 3 sizes.


Popcorn Bucket


Disposable popcorn bucket available in 3 sizes (170oz, 130oz and 32oz), ideal for mixing workshop products.