Neill's Materials are the UK Distributors for SikaAxson


SikaAxson is the world leading provider and developer of high-performance resins, boards and pastes for model and mould making. SikaAxson offers customised solutions for the composites industry – from the model to the shape and finished parts up to the fitting structural adhesive.

In addition SikaAxson offers casting resins and functional coatings for industrial filters and dielectrics. SikaAxson generates an annual turnover of €130 million with 450 employees. As an innovative formulator SikaAxson is keen to customize systems and formulations to comply with the exact needs of industrial applications.


  • Foundry model making
  • Automotive Industry
  • Transportation Industry
  • Sports & Leisure
  • Industrial Applications
  • Boat & Yacht building industry
  • Aviation industry
  • Renewable energies
  • Dielectrics

Our clients expect high-quality end products. With innovative and coordinated Polyurethane (PUR) and Epoxy (EP) product systems, we help you to achieve end user satisfaction.

SikaAxson have been involved in advanced adhesive formulations for decades. Neill’s Materials supply ADEKIT by SikaAxson, a brand of PU, MMA and EP easy dispensing adhesives developed and designed for high performance with tailor made curing profiles.

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