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Poly Optic 1490 Clear Casting Resin is a two-part, liquid polyurethane resin that cures (RTV) to a water-clear, Shore D80 plastic. This product has a simple 1A:1B mix ratio by volume (100A:90B by weight). Poly Optic 1490 has a Mercury-Free Formulation.


Clear Casting Systems

PX 5210 | SikaAxson

PX 5210 is a clear vacuum casting system used for casting in silicone moulds: transparent prototype parts up to 10 mm thickness (PX 5212) or even up to 100mm (PX 5213): crystal glass-like parts, fashion, jewellery, art and decoration parts, lenses for lights. If you are interested in this product, please call 01284 630028 or email for further information.