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Use PlatSil Deadener LV (Low-Viscosity) to soften, or “deaden”, PlatSil Gels without oil leaching. It is used to simulate the look and feel of skin or human tissue for silicone gel filled appliances and special effects.

Addition Cure

Platsil Gel 00


Platsil Gel 00 is a variation on Platsil Gel 10. This silicone creates an already softer silicone than Platsil Gel 10, that requires less deadener to create a prosthetic gel.

Addition Cure

Platsil Gel 0020


PlatSil Gel 0020 Silicone Rubber is a two-part, platinum-catalyzed, liquid silicone system that cures (RTV) to a milky white, Shore 0020 rubber. This silicone is most often used to make hyper-realistic silicone masks, prosthetic appliances, animatronics, medical models and training aids and other special effects applications.

Prosthetic & Animatronic

Platsil Gel 10


Revolutionary when it was introduced 15 years ago. Much imitated but never equalled Platsil Gel 10 is a 1:1 mix fast curing platinum/addition cure silicone that can be used for making moulds and props, masks and, with the addition of deadener, create silicone gel prosthetics and animatronic skins.

Addition Cure

Platsil Gel 25


From the creators of Platsil Gel 10, Platsil Gel 25 takes all the great and unique qualities of Plat Gel 10 and takes it a step further. PlatSil Gel 25 has a lower mixed viscosity than other PlatSil Gels and is very versatile when used in conjunction with PlatSil accessories.


First there was Deadener which, when added to Platsil Gel 10, made it softer by degrees. Now Platsil Part H Hardener does exactly what it says on the tin and increases the hardness of Platsil Gel 25 as more is added.

Addition Cure

Skin Imitator


From the creators of Sculpt Gel, Neill's Materials bring you a new direct applied silicone system which is softer than alternative products on the market with the same versatility and quality. This 4-component system also comes with both a Flesh Tone and Clear Part-B, allowing for a broader range of effects to be created from one kit.


Smiths Prosthetic Deadener is the original and best for creating super soft gel appliances. By varying the ratio of deadener added to Platsil Gel 10 A&B combined you can vary the softness.