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Almost every day of my twenty-seven year career has been spent working with these materials. Over the past ten years I have been heavily involved with material development for our industry and education relating to the products we use. It was inevitable that I would eventually take the step into supplying materials.

My approach is simple: the very best quality products at the best possible prices. I’ve cherry picked the materials and products I use the most in my work, as I know they’re good quality products that deliver great results, and have brought them together in one place.

By being smart and keeping our overhead as low as possible.

Business overheads add considerably to the cost of products. We have found a number of ways to keep our overheads down:

Our company is based in Cornwall where rents and running costs for the business are much lower. Rent on our warehouse is half that of a similar property near London. As a predominantly web based supplier selling to customers right across the UK and Europe, we don’t need to be based near London.

We’re not tied to one supplier. We stock products from a number of manufacturers. This gives us greater flexibility in the products we stock and allows us to run a leaner and more cost effective business.

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We don’t take telephone orders. These are time consuming and would require us to have more staff, which again is more cost we’d need to pass on to our customers. Now this doesn’t mean we don’t have customer service. If there’s a problem with your order, if you’re having trouble placing an order, if there’s an issue with your delivery or the products, as soon as you’ve alerted us we will of course deal with it promptly on the phone.

Now some people like to have a sales team at the end of the ‘phone that they can call on to quiz about products, ask advice and discuss options. That’s great but it’s a luxury and a luxury you end up paying for. To have one or more individuals manning phones who actually know all the products, have knowledge and experience of using them and can advise you on your project is, once more, very costly. But all that information is already available and available 24hrs a day, 7 days a week and at no charge. Being a web shop we’re assuming all our customers are online.

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About Neill Gorton

Neill entered the film industry in 1987 aged just 17. Before he was 20 he’d worked in Hollywood, supervised the FX for a movie and racked up half a dozen feature film credits.

By the age of 26 he had his own successful company and was heading a department for Steven Spielberg on “Saving Private Ryan”.

As well as Steven Spielberg, Neill has also worked with directors such as Ridley Scott, Alfonso Curran, The Hughes Brothers, Michael Winterbottom, John Glen, Joe Johnston, Michael Radford, Chris Cunningham, Roger Michell, Steven Norrington and on actors such as Kenneth Brannagh, Johnny Depp, Demi Moore. Michael Caine, Idris Elba, Christopher Lee, Julianne Moore, Andy Serkis, Anne Hathaway, James McAvoy, Tim Spall and many, many more.
In a professional career spanning 27 years Neill has contributed prosthetics and FX to over fifty feature films and literally hundreds of television productions, commercials, promos, theatrical productions and live events. His body of work covers such diverse creations as stage sets for Iron Maiden’s world tour, numerous prosthetics and costumes for Lady Gaga, every Doctor Who monster created since the series returned in 2005, BAFTA award nominated, and BAFTA winning, character make-up for actors such as Jim Broadbent, Paul Whitehouse and Catherine Tate.

Neill’s awards include four BAFTA’s and seven RTS awards. He is also a voting member for BAFTA, has sat on the judging panel for the RTS awards in visual and digital effects and is also on the steering committee for the National film and Television school’s MA course in digital and special effects production. In 2010 Neill was also made an Honorary Fellow of the Arts University College Bournemouth in recognition of his outstanding contribution to the industry and also works as a visiting professor of special effects at Bolton University.

Neill owns and operates Millennium FX which, over the last decade, has grown in to Europe’s largest and leading supplier of special make-up effects, animatronics and prosthetics to the industry.

Neill also owns and operates the “Neill Gorton Prosthetics Studio” which, over the past ten years, has become Europe’s leading provider of teaching and courses in prosthetics and make-up effects to aspiring artists, professionals and teachers from other colleges and courses.