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What is 3D Printing?

3D printing technology has been around for more than thirty years. Since then, a wide variety of 3D printing technologies have been developed.

Simply put, 3D printing is the process of using or creating a digital file to produce complex and solid 3D models, bringing objects from the digital world into the real world.

Phrozen 3D Printers

Phrozen (in partnership with Neill’s Materials), offer a specially selected range of LCD 3D printers designed specifically for your needs. Phrozen’s LCD 3D printers are consumer-friendly, easy to use, and are suitable for a wide range of applications including jewellery design, model-making, and dental applications.

These 3D printers use ParaLED technology which consists of an array of LED bulbs that project light through a layer of LCD in a parallel manner to ensure that each resin layer receives an equal amount of UV lighting during the printing process. Phrozen have patented and developed their own ParaLED technology and have since upgraded to a new 2.0 version to improve print quality and efficiency of 3D printed models produced by their latest printers.